A 3D sculptural exhibition by Video Jam collaborators

Filmmakers, artists, musicians, performers, journalists, venue teams and festival organisers who have collaborated with Video Jam over the past two years come together to create a 3D sculpture made out of records to launch Record Store Weekend. Video Jam has been running for the have hosted over 20 events since their inception and RECORDS is a celebration of the development of the collective and the talent of some of their regular contributors in a different, playful way! Artists include himHallows, Slip Discs, 2 Koi Karp, Sarah Hill and more...

Rule of 3 invited Video Jam to curate an evening of short films with a variety of live accompaniment in January 2013, the event since has gone from strength to strength. We have continued our relationship as collaborators, audience members and contributors of Video Jam over the past year.

The Rule of 3 piece for this exhibition plays on the completeness represented by the phrase 'Omne Trium Perfectum' within the music industry. A tongue in cheek nod to an industry grown from talent, passion and ego, presented in celebration of Record Store Day.